Tax Planning

“A tax loophole is something that benefits the other guy. If it benefits you, it’s tax reform.” – Russell B. Lang

The attorneys at Ansanelli Law Group, LLP (“ALG”) work closely with our clients to fully understand their individual financial circumstances and tax planning objectives. Ellen B. Kugler, a Founding Partner of the firm, oversees and manages our Tax Planning Department. Ellen is both an accomplished Trusts & Estates Attorney, as well as a seasoned Certified Public Accountant.

With a particular expertise and in-depth understanding of estate, gift, and income tax considerations, ALG effectively designs tax mitigation and planning strategies to maximize value. We consult in a wide range of individual, corporate, partnership and LLC tax matters, as well as estate and trust taxation issues.

At ALG, we work closely with wealth managers and accountants to support client objectives. With the trust and respect of our clients, we become an integral part of their team of trusted advisors.

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