Estate Administration and Probate

“You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.” – Bob Hope

Our attorneys work closely with the surviving family members to address their needs and concerns and to counsel fiduciaries in how best to manage a decedent’s assets. We provide advice and representation on Federal and New York State estate, gift, and income tax issues that may affect the estate or its beneficiaries and fiduciaries.

At Ansanelli Law Group, LLP (“ALG”), we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with practical and effective advice. Our success comes from years of assisting families like yours in traversing the often confusing world of estate administration. We stand ready to provide you with the confidence and support necessary to handle even the most complex matter.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

Did you know that a fiduciary is personally liable to creditors if he/she distributes assets prematurely to estate beneficiaries? At ALG, we provide critical guidance to estate administrators/executors to ensure that the estate is handled correctly.

Creditors’ Claims

Did you know that creditors of the decedent (estate) must present written notice of their claim to the estate representative within 7 months of the fiduciary’s appointment as estate representative? However, the Court can still assess liability of the fiduciary after this 7-month window if he/she does not act in good faith. At ALG, whether you are a creditor with a bonafide claim or the fiduciary trying to responsibly handle the estate, our experienced counsel will guide you through this often challenging and complex process.

Trusts and Trustees

The Surrogate’s Court has jurisdiction over trusts and trustees. It is the Surrogate’s Court that issues Letters of Trusteeship. Although a trustee is not obligated to accept his/her appointment and may even renounce that appointment, once the Court has issued Letters to the trustee, he/she cannot resign without Court permission. Trustees are typically entitled to commissions for their hard work. If you are called upon to manage a trust and serve as trustee, the skilled and experienced team at ALG will provide you with all the assistance necessary to help you navigate these often complex procedures and challenging responsibilities.