Staying Ahead of the Curve:  Virtual Estate Planning in the Age of Quarantine

Have you noticed something new on your Social Media newsfeeds these days?  All of a sudden, advertisements are popping up everywhere for “Virtual Estate Planning”.  It is a product of the times; people are suddenly thinking about the big “what ifs” in life, and they desperately want to know that their family will be taken care of should they get sick or die as a result of this global pandemic.  This is a legitimate concern; however, as an Estate Planning Attorney, we see an underlying importance here: we are finally recognizing that life does not always go as planned.  It was always a good time to put a proper Estate Plan in place for your family and that does not change because of a pandemic or personal health event.

But what can you do about it from the socially-isolated comfort of your home?  The simple answer for New York residents is: finally do your Estate Plan.  Of course, there are numerous websites offering packaged Estate Plan deals.  Just put in your information and “viola”, you get some documents that appear to provide you with a proper Estate Plan.  As the other half of our practice is Estate litigation, we are well aware of the pitfalls and deficiencies in such mass produced documents.  If you want a properly done Estate Plan that cannot be overturned after your passing, you truly need to work under the guidance and directive of an experienced Estate Planning Attorney.  This brings us back full circle to your question: how can I do this when Law Firms’ doors are closed and I do not want to / cannot leave my home?  The answer is working with an Estate Planning Firm that has the capability of working during such an environment….and yes, the Ansanelli Law Group, LLP is one such Firm.

For the last 35 years the Ansanelli Law Group, LLP has focused its practice on Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Estate Litigation.   We have a deep understanding of all things “Estate related” in New York and we combine that experience and specialization with a tailored approach to your family’s specific needs.  There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” Estate Plan and that is not what you will get from us.

How does it work?  Simple:  reach out to our office via telephone at (631) 598-0337 or e-mail at  Within a few hours, you will receive a call or e-mail (depending on your preferred method of contact) from one of our experienced Estate Planning Attorneys.  They will gather some basic information from you and answer your initial questions.  Should you be interested in moving forward from there, we will schedule a video-consultation with you, and any family members that are essential to the planning.  At this point, you are working only with Attorneys from our Firm that specialize in Estate Planning.  You will not be relegated to a paralegal or other support staff and all consultation fees have been waived during the duration of the pandemic.

Should you desire to move forward after the initial consultation, we will then send you the applicable retainer agreement, and likely some further questions for you so that we can properly design the Estate Plan that is the best option for your family.  Should you not wish to move forward, you have just obtained valuable information and guidance from an experienced Estate Planning Attorney without spending a penny.  At the conclusion of the discussion, you will know what documents you need, how your assets should be properly titled, and what it will cost for the Ansanelli Law Group, LLP to develop the Plan for you.

Once retained, we will schedule a follow-up “document execution” video-conference.  New York State has authorized us to Notarize and Witness documents via video-conference.  Prior to that date, we will develop your Estate Plan in close coordination with you, draft and prepare the relevant documents, and FedEx them to you ready for signature and execution.  We will of course provide the proper witnessing, and the attorney you worked with throughout will be overseeing the entire signature and due execution process, all virtually.   Once the documents are duly executed, you simply return them in the return FedEx envelope (already prepared for you) back to our office so that we may package them and give them a final review before sending you your completed Estate Plan.

Not only will you feel like you have a proper Estate Plan but you actually will have a proper Estate Plan.  Just as convenient as the “all in one” package deals but more importantly, done correctly and pursuant to New York State Law.  Don’t entrust your family’s plan to a website based on the other side of the Country.  We are a local Firm with a 35 year plus reputation in the community.  We take as much pride in that reputation and our highly specialized knowledge in this area as we do in ensuring that your family’s plan is exactly what you need.  Nothing less would be right for our community.

Call or e-mail us today to begin working with one of our attorneys over the phone or video chat to create your tailored Estate Plan