Many of our clients are familiar with Community-based Medicaid (Home Care) that provides government-funded personal care aides for individuals who need assistance with activities of daily living. What many do not know is that your caregiver can be a trusted friend, family member (other than a spouse), or other person of your choosing under a program known as CDPAP.

CDPAP stands for “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program,” a component of New York’s Community Medicaid program. Typically, home health care aides come from Medicaid-certified home health care agencies. However, it is possible to “hire” someone you know – a child, grandchild, or friend – and have that caregiver be paid by Medicaid. This chosen person is not required to have a medical background nor do they need to be licensed or certified.

Unlike traditional aides who are limited in the tasks and medications that they are allowed to administer, CDPAP aides can do more, such as, administer oxygen and inject medications.

One of the goals of CDPAP is to make home care more efficient and to increase clients’ comfort level with their chosen caregivers, resulting in overall better health care and possibly avoiding the need for a nursing home.

Enrolling in the CDPAP program requires first applying for Community-based Medicaid, which as noted in previous blog posts, will be more difficult to obtain after the new law goes into effect on October 1, 2020.


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